Official Pre-1945

Official School Photographs pre-1945 (Click on images to view full size)


Rendcomb College 1941

Rendcomb College 1941 (courtesy Peter Binks OR 1935-41)













Rendcomb College 1940 (Courtesy Peter Binks OR 1935 – 41)













Rendcomb College 1935

School Photograph 1935 (courtesy Peter Binks OR 1935-41)











RC Bolton-King Annual Photo 1- 1931adj

School Photograph 1932













RC Bolton-King Annual Photo 3-1930 adj

School Photograph 1931















RC Bolton-King Annual Photo 2-1929 adj

School Photograph 1930












Rendcomb College 1929

Rendcomb College 1929 (Courtesy R. Bolton King)















School Photograph 1927?
















School Photograph 1926?














School Photograph 1925















School photograph 1923 or 1924














School photograph 1923 or 1924  (Confirmed by “History of Rendcomb College” p25)

These photographs are from the period 1921 to about 1932 when J H Simpson was headmaster of Rendcomb College.
Having scrutinized these pictures we think this is the correct sequence. Subtle clues are in the height of the headmaster’s
daughters and one of the few boys with spectacles (Shown 1930 directly behind the eldest daughter, elsewhere in the
previous two pictures). None of the photographs have dates printed, so the sequence and dates may be incorrect.


Rendcomb College 1921

School Photograph 1921 (24 boys)














This is thought to be the oldest and first Rendcomb College school photograph. It was probably taken in 1921.
The initial intake when Rendcomb College opened on 2nd June 1920, is known to have been twelve boys, reaching
twenty four in early 1921. By September 1922 there were forty boys, by 1925 to over fifty, and by 1926
increasing to over sixty. By 1930 the maximum number of sixty five for whom there was accommodation was reached.