Travel Bursary

Travel Bursary Centenary 2021 deferred

COVID-19 Update. In the light of a need to avoid unnecessary travel to locations around the world that have less well-developed healthcare systems and to minimize the potential for younger people to be carriers to such countries, it was agreed not to offer funding under the OR Society annual travel bursary programme. This restriction will be in place for the 2020 to 2021 year and will be reviewed for the 2021 to 2022 year.

It may be possible to provide limited funding for travel bursary candidates who wish to raise money for charity or other initiatives closer to home. If for example you have a proposal that requires starter funding and an idea to raise funds, the OR Society would be pleased to have the committee review. Any initiative will need a written proposaal and obviously need to take account of limitations and restrictions imposed due to UK COVID-19 regulations.

Deferred If you or a group would like to apply for the annual Old Rendcombian Society Travel Bursary, please download and complete the application docx form here, or download and complete the application pdf form here.

Please read the Terms and Conditions on page 4 of the application form carefully before making your application.
If approved, you will be required to write a report and provide photographs of your travels and may be invited back to the College to talk to current pupils.

Applications for the 2021 Awards are closed. The date for applications is deferred due to COVID-19.

Travel Bursary Report by Lily Whitehead who traveled to Spain 2019. (Pdf 1.5Mb)
Travel Bursary Report by Eleanor Brealy who traveled to Borneo 2019. (Pdf 1.5Mb)