Bill White Party

A Lunch Party to celebrate Bill White's 80th birthday was held at the College in the Reading Room
(formerly Assembly Hall, Big School) on Saturday 13th February 2016.

Having arrived at Rendcomb in 1961, with the intention of staying for two years, Bill has been proudly
associated with the College for fifty five years.

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WJD (Bill) White on the occasion of his eightieth birthday.
Saturday 13th February 2016.
(Photograph courtesy of Julian Comrie)

Bill's table:
clockwise: Bill, Anne Holt, John Tolputt, Richard Tudor (Chairman), Greg Dorey, Rob Jones (Headmaster), Patta Tolputt

Bill gives his speech.

Other guests:
clockwise from left: Carol Endersby (Bursar's secretary), Margaret Knapp, David Williams (Hon. Auditor),
Penny Wood, Christine Johnson (Headmaster's secretary), Julie Rogers.

A sonnet for Bill White
13 February 2016

Eightieth birthday cake made by Jane Gunner.

A Toast to Bill.

WJD (Bill) White walking in all weathers.

Photographs by kind permission of: Julian Comrie, Jane Gunner, David Williams, Chris Wood and Nigel Powell.