Welcome to the Old Rendcombian Society Website, for Alumni of Rendcomb College.

Rendcomb College near Cirencester, England began in 1920 as an independent boarding school for boys aged from 11 to 18 and is now a day and boarding school for boys and girls aged between 3 and 18. For the official Rendcomb College web site, please follow this link Rendcomb College’s official web site here.

Update (February 2017) – Following its redesign and rebuild over the past twenty months, the Old Rendcombian Society website has been further extended. It now includes higher quality images and is designed to be viewed on most computers as well as personal mobile devices. More historic information will be added over time with an aim to create an archive and a place to visit by Old Rendcombians and others. All the early Magazines, Chronicles and Rendcombians have already been processed and published. There are a few more Rendcombian Magazines to go.
Please try the Search option for the website and check back frequently. Your comments are appreciated. A link to recent updates is here.

Old Rendcombian Society members’ contact details are stored separately by Jane Gunner who is responsible for Old Rendcombian Society Newsletter mailings and membership. If you need confirmation of your details, or wish to provide an update for address or name, please contact Jane directly at secretary@oldrendcombian.org.uk or use the Contact Form. If you are planning to attend an Old Rendcombian Reunion day, please view the Reunion page and let other OR’s know. Please keep in touch and see the links below for Facebook and Linkedin.

The original OR Guest book and Member directory could not be carried over from the old site. Old Rendcombians can review their original website member login details from the 2014 archive upon request. If you have any comments, suggestions or material that could be added to these pages, please email the Administrator at webmaster@oldrendcombian.org.uk.