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Both Richard Hayter (1947-55) and Richard Sumsion identified the Christmas Party Committee of 1953 and explained that they built the taxi for seven Dick Whittingtons, left to right: Richard Powell (1946-54), Richard Sumsion (1947-54), Martin Richards (1946-54), Alastair Wallace (1949-55), Hywel Richards (1947-55), George (David) Vaisey (1945-54) and Tim Gay (1948-54). (The taxi was just narrow enough to go through all college doorways under pedal power. Saul's Hall was Piccaddilly Circus with Saul forming the base for Eros.) Thanks to them both.

Napoleon & consort seen visiting the old 6th form 'upper deck' accommodation
in 1976... (Robin Swaine & Ian Cummings)

Anything familiar about these two? (Joe & Jane Watson, latterly Gunner)

Members of the sixth form practising for university entrance? (Treve Evans, Simon Tyler & Owen Davies)

The Christmas Party Committee of 1976 in song... (Alison White, Sarah Robinson, Treve Evans, ?, ?,
Owen Davies Lucy Cullen, Peter Haynes, Juliette Chapman, Ian Forrest & Duncan Taylor)

Party atmosphere? (1976 sketches – Lucy Cullen, Pete Haynes, Owen Davies & Sarah Robinson)

Derek Bell & his 1975 appreciation society... 'Hells Belles' (Robin Swaine, Treve Evans, Ian Cummings & Derek Bell)

& some didn't bother with the fancy dress... (Anne Rickards)

Chris Troughton

Who have we here? (1971)
Kevin Barraclough, Phil Gready, Brendan Hall

Any future medical students here, I wonder? Christmas party sketches, 1971
Actually no. Knowing what a burger feels like with all that ketchup (blood). Nice.

Noddy & Big Ears on TV - Jonathan Tyler & Brian Smith 1971.

Derek Wiggall, David Barling & Jon Whiteside. Probably 1971.

Bill White & Ron Kelsey 1971.