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"The Mock Doctor" (1953)

"The Ghost" (1976) (Paul Curtis-Hayward, Stephen Hewitt & Owen Davies)

"The Ghost" (Wendy Hewitt & Taryn Nixon)

"The Ghost" (Juliette Chapman, Stephen Hewitt & Tim Lausch)

"The Ghost" (Juliette Chapman, Wendy Hewitt, Ian Forrest & Stephen Hewitt)

"Son of Man", 1976 (Rob Barrett, Jeremy Stupple, Tessa Wolferstan, John Garvie, Kevin Barraclough, Richard Caney & Jon McGill)

"Son of Man" (Jeremy Stupple & Clare Gardner-Medwin)

"Son of Man" (Rob Stroud & Philip Lyons) July 1976

"Tiger at the Gates", 1976 (John Cooper)

"Tiger at the Gates" (Anthony Ashmore) Dec 1976

"Tiger at the Gates" (John Cooper, Stephen Hawkins, Shane Galtress, Debbie Harrison & Philip Chivers)

"Tiger at the Gates" (Hamish Wilson, Matthew Cragoe & John Purkiss) Dec 1976

"Tiger at the Gates" Dec 1976
Steve Hewitt, Sally Hall, Matthew Cragoe, John Purkiss, Stephen Trigger

"Tiger at the Gates" (Stephen Hewitt & Sally Hall)

"Tiger at the Gates" (Juliette Chapman, Debbie Harrison & Philip Chivers) Dec 1976

"Tiger at the Gates" (Debbie Harrison, Philip Chivers & Shane Galtress)

"The Old Wives Tale", 1976 (Chris Burkham & Mark Raven)

"The Old Wives Tale" (Jonathan Smith, John Purkiss, Matthew Cragoe & Duncan Taylor)

"The Old Wives Tale" (Jacqui Crowhurst) March 1976

"The Old Wives Tale" (Wendy Hewitt)

"The Old Wives Tale" (Mark Raven)

"The Old Wives Tale" (James Quick)

The stage crew from "Harlequinade", 1975 (Tim Nicholas, Steve Hicks, Joe Watson, Tim Wilson, John Sinclair & Tim Burkham)

The stage crew from "Tiger at the Gates", 1976 (Kevin Nunan, Julian Bull, Patrick Lorenzen, Steve Hicks, Tim Wilson, John Sinclair, Joe Watson (hiding!), Bridget Cross, Alastair Graham-Munro, Andrew Harris, Thomas Paton, Andrew Pitt & Anthony Simmins)

The make-up team from "Tiger at the Gates", 1976 (Veronica Thresh, Sally Hall, Jane Watson, Anne Wimperis & Diane Crewe)

"Murder in the Cathedral", 1974 (A pro in the making...Jon Dixon)

The cast of 'Find Me', 1990

'Season's Greetings', 1989 (The rather odd Denis Price with Anthony Miles, Sara Payne, Charlotte Carroll and Matt Waddington)

'Season's Greetings' (Karen Swan and John Carroll)

'Pillar to Post' (Paul Rose, Philip Lyons, Jon Dixon)

'Pillar to Post' (Paul Rose, Philip Lyons, Jon Dixon)

'Pillar to Post' (Tim Hoskin, Roderick Thompson, Kevin Barraclough)

'Pillar to Post' (Jon Dixon, Paul Rose)

...not good enough for the cast, perhaps...

The cast of 'Harlequinade', 1975

The stage crew - 'Pillar to Post'

'The Importance of Being Earnest', 1974 - A Handbag?

'The Importance of Being Earnest', 1974

‘The Comedy of Errors’, 1974 (Jon Dixon & Susan Stanhope)
Cast list and commentary on Comedy of Errors, see p47 of Magazine April 1974

'The Comedy of Errors' (John Dixon and Ruth Beckett)

Spot the pun. (1974)

‘The Comedy of Errors’ (Ruth Beckett and Paul Rose)
(These 4 photographs courtesy P. Rose)

The Comedy of Errors 1974 Mike James and Jon Dixon

Comedy of Errors 1974 Jerry Stupple, John Dixon and Susan Stanhope

Comedy of Errors 1974 Hamish Wilson and Paul Rose

A tumbling interlude in 'The Comedy of Errors'

'Murder in the Cathedral' - backstage crew

‘The Comedy of Errors’ 1974

'Murder in the Cathedral', 1974

‘A Man for All Seasons’, 1973

'Pillar to Post', 1972 (Tim Hoskin, Stephen Reason, Kevin Barraclough)

'Der Freischütz', 1971

'Der Freischütz', 1971

Stage crew - 'Der Freischütz', 1971

Director David Sells, 'Der Freischütz' 1971

Stage crew - 'Der Freischütz', 1971

Androcles and the Lion March 1970. The lion was played by WJ Buckingham (1967-72)

Cast of Treasure Island 1966
(Four Photographs courtesy of Roger Pyecroft OR (1961-68).

Treasure Island 1966. (Roger Pyecroft on the right.)

Treasure Island 1966

Treasure Island June 1966