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Seventies relaxation (Cam Findlay, Will Buckingham, Dave Shield, Jon Dixon, Mike Findlay)

Ad Nauseam David Shield, Mike Findlay, Cameron Findlay and Robert Mace 1973?

It must have been the seventies! (Mike Findlay, Cam Findlay on drums, Jon Dixon vocals, David Shield ….. )

Tim Longworth

Peter Haynes

Graeme Connelly

Richard Hudson

Rob Stroud

Chris Pulford

Chris Pulford, Richard Caney, Jeremy Ferguson & Peter Haynes

Peter Haynes & Jeremy Ferguson

Richard Caney

Jeremy Ferguson

Jason Vernon and Jon Lutwyche

Jack Jelfs, Francis Newcombe and Alistair Harris

Posed in 1971 for a prospectus.
John Willson conducting.

1950's jazz (Mr) Joe Scrine (piano) - very popular master, but not there for long. Trevor Benbow (drums), Roger Stebbing (guitar).
Chris Handoll (1950-58) comments "The gentleman standing in front of the door, was the school doctor, Dr Gladstone I remember the occasion".
(He donated a 3/4 sized billiard table and the College Bell. Search for details in RC Magazines 1948, 1960 and 1963 et al).