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Thanks to Lawrence Wragg (1956-63) for the following comments on this photo:- “The back row is (from the left) J.A.T. Goodborn (John), M.F. Jones (Martin), T.C. Bass (Tom), C.B. Stillwell (Colin) and J.R. Marshall (John). The front row is K.H. Walker (Kenneth), T.G. Pettigrew (Tom), K.H. Stimson (Keith, but known as Henry; younger brother of R.F. Stimson, also at Rendcomb), J.T. Wood (John – sadly killed with his girlfriend in an air crash on the way to a holiday in Yugoslavia in the late 60s or early 70s) and G.C. Chapman (George). Since this was my form, I should have been there, and I suspect that my absence was caused by having an organ lesson in Gloucester (which means it would be a Tuesday, between 12.00 and 16.00). Curiously, I can’t think of any other missing persons. The ties have always puzzled me: I think they must have been put on for the event. Curious to think that just having one’s photo taken was sufficient of an incentive.”


Inside Park House in 1974…

Photographer Unknown 1974 – First full year Co-Educational 6A Back Row: Teta Crowe (nee Hennessy), Mike Findlay, Susan Stanhope, ?, Derek Wiggall, Tim Stroud,
Jonathan Whiteside, D Pearce, ?, Phil Smith, Steve Bushell, Jonathan Scawin, Andy Jenkins, Nige Ball, David Bell, N Powell, Crispin Partridge, Nick Roberts.Front Row:Caroline Brett, Ruth Beckett, Kathy Harmon, Christine Marsack, Victoria Penny,Elaine Roberts (nee Finney), Sarah Pink, Maxine Baur, Claire Bourne.


…and again in 1975

Outside Park House in 1975 (thanks to Peter Lace, standing at rear, 11th from right, for the above picture).
Top left: Bruce Pritchett, Paul Rose, Stu Honeyball, Pete Millard, Mike James, Stephen Bolt, Norm Crowe, Clive Mathias, Pete Lace, Steve Pendell, Simon Wormleighton, Phil Lamphee, Jon Fletcher, Pete Sayers, Jon Dixon, Jackie Wilson, Charlotte Brain, Debbie Yates, Sandy MacGinnis, Sarah Oughton, Richard Evans, Cat Ledger, Sally Blythe, Carol Robinson, Nigel Bradbury, Lilli Schnitzer, Henrietta Hooper, Andrea Don, Suzanne Marston, Annabel Goodenough, Bella Bartlett, Ian Taylor, Rob Weston, Des Knox, Andy Medhurst.

Again in 1976


Same again, in 1977 (two people are missing – David Pitt & Steve Hewitt)




























And again, in 1978.


And again, in 1980. (thanks to Tim Etherington, standing at rear, 9th from left, for this and the following picture)


1981. These pictures seem to have been taken annually in the seventies – are there any more around?















Sixth Form – (1979)


Party Time – Leaver’s Ball 22nd June 1990. Fiona Burge, Karen Betts, Sara Paine, Rebecca Hodgkinson, Lucy Brummitt, Karen Swan, John Holdaway, Emma Hull, Carragh McAree, Charlie Stephens – on floor – Philippa Rome, Lydia Fellows, Amanda Vaux, Nikki Kemp, Justine Platt

1993 – The upper sixth photo seems to have become an official and more formal affair in more recent times (thanks to Peter Croft for this photo)


Most of the fifth form sometime in 1978. Duncan Clarke, Kevin Nunan, Bill Knox, Nick Marlow, Nicholas Miles, Julian Bull, Allen Fidler, Ben Hatchwell, Michael Curtis-Hayward, Mike Twinning, Richard Tudor, Richard Funnell, Patrick Lorenzen, Steven Whittard, Andrew Grainger, James Duncumb, Frank Peplow, Roger Page, Dan Boon, Tim Etherington, James Quick, Jonathan Allen, Mark Wilcox, Rich Pitt, Dom Ind, Guy Beattie, Will Edwards, Nick Price, Jonathan Stafford-Mills Thanks to Tim Etherington.


6A, 1985 – Back row, left to right: Paul Attwood, Mark Binder, Chris Carpenter, David “Geordie” Wilson, Andy Hall, Jerry Butling, Blaise Jenkins, Barney Hatcher, Colin Harris, Matt Newman, Mike Hicks, Jonny Morris, Rob McIntyre, Simon Noyes, Nick Hoare, Ben Almond, Stuart McIntyre, Paul “Trotsky” Partridge, Dave George, James Kinch, Rob Prynne, Marcus Holland, Stuart Newell, William Tong, Darrel Adshead. Front row: Fiona “Floss” Howard, Vicky Finney, Katie Rowe, Claire “Tiggy” Bichard, Jo Merrett, Samantha Evans, Sara Hawkswell, Juliette Loehry, Suzy Whybrow, Sophie Rutherford, Fiona Wilkins, Karen Arnold, Alex Aylott, Jane Perkins, Vanessa Andreis, Justine Loehry. Missing from the photo are Duncan Brown, Karen Alder, Ben Uglow and John Awdry. (Thanks to Jonny Morris).


A15-6-Group 197xp




















RC Leavers 1972





















1972 Leavers From top left: Andrew W.H. Pearce, David Barling, Martin Stallard, Graham Jordan, Dave Toresen, Ed Parsons, Bob Morris,
Alan Lamb, Jonathan Tyler, Nick Thomas, Joe Yuvaboon, John Millard, Niven Boyd, Nick Hance, Julian Gray. Seated: David Tyler, Owen Rhys, Ian Niel.


Sixth form girls 1972

















Almost all of the first two years of Rendcombian girls, pictured in Park House 1972

Back row Victoria Penny, Susan Stanhope, Teta Hennesey, Elaine Finney, Christine Marsack, Caroline Brett, Clare Bourne,
Middle row  + + Maxine Baur,Lilli Schnitzer, +, +, Kathy Harman,
Front Carol Robinson, +++
(If you have an original or better copy of this photo, or can identify the photographer, please get in touch)


Fifth Form 1976











Fifth form, 1976 – Thanks to Gerry Hedderwick for unearthing this one. Back row: Chris Troughton, Nigel Taylor, Graeme Connelly, Ian Hawkins, Shane Galtress, Simon Buist, Ian Cummings, John Sinclair, Simon Young, Jon McGill, Stuart Smith, Stephen Hawkins, Colin Hitchcock Middle: Joe Watson, Richard Caney, WIll Gotley, Hamish Wilson, Treve Evans, Graham Moore, Tony Flambard, Patrick O’Donohoe, Ian Pengelly, Andy Mackonochie Front: Nick Carroll, Tim Parfit, Gerry Hedderwick, Peter Haynes, Jerry Ferguson, Andy Mathias. (Robin Swaine seems not to be present).