For those interested in trawling the internet at large, there is various ‘Rendcombiana’ to be found relating to the
College buildings, the Founders’ family Wills, and prior history of the Rendcomb Manor house and the rebuilding
in the late 1860’s by Sir Francis Goldsmid. The official website for Rendcomb College is here.

There is an interesting tale regarding some missing works of art, some of which had been loaned to the college.
The Independent Schools Inspectorate have published their 2008 report on Rendcomb here.
Listings in various school directories, can be found elsewhere, for example here.
An aerial view of the College can be found here…

Been ‘balustraded’? Not quite sure what to do in Q.P.? Here is a copy of the Rendcomb Rule Book (from around 1967).
Here is a copy of the school prospectus from around 1966. Just be careful where you wear those loud socks!

There are Rendcombian groups to be found on a couple of social networking sites, notably Facebook where there is a large group
and quite a few recent photographs, and a small but growing group on LinkedIn.

Mark Evans has created a web site hosting audio recordings of his father, Trevor John Evans, describing his memories. This includes an
interesting section describing his time as a pupil at Rendcomb during the 1920’s. The site can be found here. Use the free VLC media
player to listen to the curprisingly clear recordings.

Many Old Rendcombians of the 1970s and ’80s will remember participating in at least one of the 20 mile sponsored walks which
took place roughly biennially during that era. Should anyone wish to revisit, or perhaps even retread John Willson’s original (22 mile!) route,
it has been transposed with current map segments and can be viewed and downloaded from here.