OR Bursary

Old Rendcombian Society Bursary

Applications for Bursary Awards are open and extended for this year. The need to avoid unnecessary risks of travelling to countries that have less well-developed healthcare systems, meant it was agreed not to offer funding under the OR Society travel bursary programme. If travelling abroad, it is essential to check official travel advice, security, political situation and any restrictions, regulations and laws in the destination country before making an application for a bursary award. Please also consider your carbon footprint and options for offsetting it.

The OR Society may provide selective funding to OR Bursary candidates who wish to raise money for charity or carry out other worthwhile initiatives. Bursaries for education, arts, music, specific skills training, worthwhile projects and enrichment will be considered on merit. If you have a proposal that requires funding, an idea to raise funds or charitable activity, the OR Society will be pleased to review your application.
Your initiative or idea will require a written proposal explaining the benefits, location, duration and approximate cost. You may use the OR bursary application form as a template or submit your own. A response can be expected within four weeks. If approved, and a discretionary Bursary Award made, a written report will be required following the completion of your project or initiative. This may be edited for publication in the OR Society's annual newsletter.

If you or a group would like to apply for the annual Old Rendcombian Society Bursary, please download and complete the application Word docx form here, or download and complete the application pdf form here (4 pages).

Please read the Terms and Conditions on page 4 of the application form carefully before making an application.
If approved, you will be required to write a report and provide photographs of your travels and may be invited back to the College to talk to current pupils.

Bursary Report by Lily Whitehead who traveled to Spain 2019. (Pdf 1.5mb)
Bursary Report by Eleanor Brealy who traveled to Borneo 2019. (Pdf 1.5mb)