OR 50 Lunch

The First 50 Year Lunch Party to celebrate 1920 to 1970 was held at the College on Wednesday 1st June 2022.
(Originally planned for 2020 but delayed due to CV19)

OR Fifty Years Celebration Lunch 1920-70’s – 1st June 2022 

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Helen Comrie, Richard Sumsion (OR 1947-54), Penny Sumsion

Richard Sumsion (OR 1947-54), Penny Sumsion

Michael Miles (OR 1943-50), Christopher Brisley (OR 1941-50)

Michael Miles (OR 1943-50), Christopher Brisley (OR 1941-50), Jenny Brisley

Geoff Taylor (OR 1953-61), Rev’d Bob Edy (OR 1959-67, Staff 2015- ), Ted Taylor (OR 1957-64)

David Mackonochie (OR 1967-72), Bridget Mackonochie

Hamish Wilson (OR 1971-78), Rebecca Hammond

Alan Lamb (OR 1964-71), David Williams

Diana and Martin Lee-Browne (Guests and son of former Head Denis Lee-Browne)

Introduction by Rev’d Bob Edy (OR 1959-67, Staff 2015-)

Michael Barnes (OR 1961-69), Sue Barnes

Neil Johnson (OR 1964-70)

Rob Barnard-Weston (OR 1968-75), Karen

Noel Willford (OR 1965-70), Theo Willford (OR 1965-68)

Nicholas Smith (OR 1971-75), Bill Griffiths (OR 1960-67)

                    100 years
100 years and counting, a special lunch today
For people past their sixties who long since went away
It’s quite a feat to stay here for so long, that is true
But there’s been many changes to see the College through
They don’t now wear short trousers, or board much any more
And there are girls and youngsters, which is what schools are for
The queues each day are epic, there is a one way route
For pupils coming in and out with their stuff in the boot
There are a lot more buildings, each for some special use
But the warm Bath stone still stands here, though Saul has been set loose

Jonathan Fletcher (OR 1968-75)
January 2020

Anthony Hillier (OR 1963-68), Hatty

Julian Gray (OR 1965-71), Eva

OR 50 Year Celebration Lunch event organiser Brian Smith (OR 1965-72)

College Organiser Rev’d Bob Edy (OR 1959-67, Staff 2015- )

OR Group photograph Nigel Powell (OR 1967-74)

Dispersal in two parts.

Des Knox took a number of videos on the day. The dining room acoustics were not perfect, but these are discernible.
Videos open in a new tab at full size, the framed videos below do not.

https://youtu.be/CNr54jdU0Vg  26:03 Introduction Brian Smith, Bob Edy and Chris Wood

https://youtu.be/a94Rxx7Ql2c  30:53 After Lunch speeches. Julian Comrie, Stuart Shellswell, David Tyler, Hamish Wilson

https://youtu.be/14p35rMLl6Q  05:07 My little lumberjacket and Jerusalem – Bill Griffiths on the piano

Alice Blue Gown (1919) Joseph Macarthy & Harry Tierney
Altered by David Sells for Christmas Party Sketches 1961
Sung by W.T.G. Griffiths, boy treble (and some time later on the piano 2022).

In my sweet little Alice blue gown, lumberjacket
When I first wandered down into town, I made people exclaim, “What a pet”
I was so proud inside, But it wore and it wore
As I felt every eye, ‘Til it wasn’t no more
And in every shop window I primped, passing by. O my sweet little, dear little lumberjacket!
A new manner of fashion I’d found, To the Linen Room Matron I went
And the world seemed to smile all around. To apologize for this slight rent (arch. rip)
‘Til it wilted, I wore it, The Linen Room Matron
I’ll always adore it, To my consternation
My sweet little Alice blue gown! Made me go without trousers for Lent!

https://youtu.be/AUV7v0PZHsI  01:54 Wilderness steps and arboretum walk

Photography: Julian Comrie, David Williams, Brian Smith, Nigel Powell. Video: Des Knox