Tour of College

Tour of Rendcomb College

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Stable Block

The Stable Block looks unchanged, but closer inspection reveals several changes... the old electronics lab. and senior physics teaching room have become the geography dept. The staff flats (latterly also pupil accommodation for the 3rd form) have been converted into classrooms for I.T., languages and mathematics.

Below Stable Block

What was a field ('Landage') below the Stable Block now accommodates an all-weather sports pitch.

Stable House

Stable House

Stable House from beyond the all-weather pitch.

Main College Building

The Main Building and Park House from the bridge. The 'flying field' now seems to be dotted with young trees.

Main College Building

The Main Building (School House) - many changes of use inside, but externally familiar!

Arts Block

The Arts Block. Probably noticeably darker in colour to those who knew it in the seventies, and sadly perhaps the workshop does not appear to be used for woodwork any more. A footpath has clearly been created alongside the track, which now forms part of the vehicular 'one way system' running down the back drive, across the 'asphalt', over the bridge and back out through the Stable Block.

The Old Rectory

The Old Rectory, looking across the old grass tennis courts, which are obviously grass no more! The neighbouring ash courts have also been resurfaced.