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"Sir... my compass doesn't seem to work, sir!" (unknown, Will Gotley, Graham (Doc.) Smith & Peter Haynes)

A satisfied woodworker at rest - James Terry

A summer term restoration project for Joe Watson...

Sponsored Walk

This one was probably in 1978
(Alison White & Deborah Harrison)

Sponsored walk - 24 September 1989
Ben Gallagher, Lucy Brummitt, Lydia Fellows, Rebecca Hodgkinson, Alex Laine

April 1972 - a sponsored walk to raise funds for Cirencester Hospital

Just over 20 miles, and almost the entire school took part.

The lunch stop near Leckhampton Hill.

1970's sixth form chemistry in the Stable Block with Ron Kelsey.

Was that supposed to happen Keith?

Mr Perkins, 1959?