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The 1950 1st XI cricket team (back L to R: J.C. James, Keith Statham, John Paish, Peter de Longh, Michael Brain, David de Peyer, Chris Brisley; front: Robert Gready, Eric Davis, John Gilchrist, Peter Harris, John Reed). (Thanks to Michael Brain for identification).

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1st XI hockey team, 1958 (back: Ian Forster, I. Campbell, D. Griffiths, R. Comley, P Airey, R. Bolton-King, front: S. Merrett, J. Alder, C. Handoll, R. Stebbing, P. Auden. Thanks to Paul Heppleston for identification).

The gymnasium, now the Dulverton Hall. In the first History volume, this is dated as sometime in the 1920s.

'P.T.' as it was in the 1920's (from 08:30 to 08:55)
Possibly including a 2 mile run.


One of the earliest netball teams, 1974 (Kathy Harmon, Christine Marsack, Sarah Pink, Ruth Beckett, Elaine Finney, Susan Stanhope & Caroline Brett).



Netball match 1975 Anne Rickards, Tessa Wolferstan, Amanda Jones & Jane Wilson with members of a visiting team.

Entrants for an U19 & U16 atheletics competition c. 1978. Anthony Flambard, John Sinclair, Jeremy Archer, James Quick, Mike Twinning, Simon Knapp, Tim Steed, Ben Knapp, Chris Stratton & Tim Horton (Thanks to John Sinclair & Alastair Pitt for help with identification).

1st XI hockey team in action March 1978
Peter Haynes, Andy Mackonochie, Ian Forrest, John Sinclair, Owen Davies, Simon Tyler et. al.

Hockey Team in action
'Official' hockey practise on the 'asphalt'. Players include Chris Lee, Andy Mackonochie, Mark Holloway, Jeremy Stupple, Phil Everatt, Tim Longworth, Rob Barrett, Roderick (Roddy) Thompson & Dick Yeats Hockey on asphalt February 1976.
Hockey 'up top' February 1976 Stephen Hawkins, Shane Galtress et. al.
John Holt presiding, Tim Longworth & Chris Lee.
Rendcombian hockey was not always such a serious business...
A hockey game in aid of Comic Relief - 1989 Top, left to right: Matt Rogers, Chris Daniels, Vaughan Tredwell, Dan Maslen, Roland Martin. Bottom, left to right: Russell Ogden, Angus Cochrane, Alex Laine, Nick Hall, Carl Reens, Alex Bell (Thanks to Charlie Jeffery)
Judo in the gymnasium, sometime in 1971 (Middle: K Stuckey, Millard, K. Underdown)
Judo - sometimes also in the Assembly Hall, now known as the Reading Room (K. Stuckey & ?)

The 1977 1st XV rugby team:  James Duncumb, Ian Forrest, John Sinclair, John McGill (c), David Beanland, Philip Evans, Colin Hitchcock, Mark Middlemist, Graham Moore, Doug Sayers, Anthony Flambard, Bill Edwards, Chris Troughton, Alan Fidler, Ben Hatchwell, Jeremy Adams, Mike Twinning & coach Mr B. Hembry

The U15 team in action against a visiting side in 1974. Colin Burden refereeing, with players including Stuart Smith, Jeremy Ferguson, Richard Caney, Andrew Mathias, David Beanland, Shane Galtress, and Adrian Sergison.

1st XV Rugby 1973 L to R, Back row: Derek Wiggal, Graham Jordan, Pete Sayers, Jon Smith, Simon Wormleighton, John Millard, Will Hall, Donald Pearce, Steve Pendell, Rob Weston, Norm Crowe, Brian Hembry (Staff/Coach). Front row: Nick Roberts, Kim Stuckey, Paul Rose, Tim Stroud, Ian Taylor, Mike Denley, Jon Whiteside. (Photo courtesy C. Marsack/C. Brett).

Same photo colourised.

Non-cricketers summer games in the estate garden. Denis Price, Simon Tyler, Chris Pulford, Juliette Chapman, Ian Boothman, Paul Maguire & Mark Holloway. Volleyball in Estate Garden June 1976
More volleyball... Among others, Tim Lausch, Richard Allen & Philip Faulks
Cricket Nets Andrew Harris, Anthony Flambard June 1976
Marvellous spot of weather, what? Roger Medill, David Hawkswell, Charlotte Holdaway & unknown swimmers, 1976
Alice Parshall in mid-flight June 1976
Out for a gallop, Sheila Greenfield and friend
Sarah Freeman May 1976
David Pitt 76
Girls tennis team, 1990 ish. Names anyone?
Squash players N Boyd & A Pearce playing 'dodge the photographer'! (Angus Robertson)
David Strong & Ron Kelsey May 1976
Outside the old tuck shop: Simon Buist, John Sinclair, Treve Evans & Graham Moore May 1976
Some hands-on tuition from David Essenhigh
1st XV Rugby, 1988
A 2nd form rugby XV, 1989 Back row from left: C. Jarrett, S.L.Jones, M.Adams, A. Beales, N. Fulton, C. Yardley, J.P.Morgan, F. Newcombe, F. Barton. Front row from left: R. Witchell, A. Harris, N. Carmichael, P. Boydell, I. Thompson, D. Kemp, S. Croft, I. Branston, W. Brix (Thanks to John Morgan for identification)
Volleyball, sometime in the early seventies.
Giles Auden winning the Lodges Race, 1957 (Pre Arts Block construction!) Comment from Michael Horton on 27/04/2014 Mike Horton won both the Lodges and the Cerney race in 1957 after very competitive races with Giles!
U15 Hockey, 1958 (back row l to r Guy S Bartlett, Martin C Jones, Jonathan Shaw, Stewart Airey, John R Marshall, Paul B Harrison, Colin C Richardson, John M Webb, Nick Price, Paul Heppleston, Peter W Dale. Thanks to Paul Heppleston for these two photos) Identified by Edward Taylor on 29/03/2014.
The 1971 1st XV Players include Graham Jordan, Julian Gray, Niven Boyd, Nick Hance, Joe Yuvaboon, David Barling, Jonathan Smith, Martin Bircher, Donald Pearce, J. Russell, J. Millard, R. Fry, David Toresen, Jonathan Tyler, M. Brown
The 1971 U15 XV. Andrew Jenkins, Paul Rose, Tim Stroud, Mike Denley, Des Knox, Jon Fletcher, Bruce Pritchett, Steve Pendell, Martin Pitt, Ian Taylor, Phil Smith, Norman Crowe, Rob Barrett, Rob Weston, Kevin Barraclough
Guesswork may suggest that these two pictures might represent the 1st and 2nd Hockey XI teams of 1975
...there seems to be quite a large overlap!
Augmented Staff Hockey team 1974: Roy Dennis, John Holt, Bill White, Donald Pearce, Brian Hembry, Steve Jackson, David Essenhigh, David Hawkswell, Tim Stroud, Derek Wiggall, Steve Bushell, Jon Whiteside
On the set of The Comedy of Errors - the 1st XI of 1974
Two netball teams - from around 1975
Netball Team around 1974/5
1st XI cricketers, 1974
Rugby Team 1st XV, 1974

Rugby Team 2nd XV, 1974

Two more hockey teams, from the early seventies, this one including Chris Wood
Bill White in action! Probably 1972
A summer Saturday afternoon 'up top'? This was in the early seventies, the field was later extended further into the distance.
Two more seventies cricket teams. Probably 1971
Another hockey team...
A rugby team from 1965
Under 15 XV, 1986
It might have been a typical summer afternoon, but this scene was carefully posed for a prospectus around 1972
1984 - On Hay Bluff in the Black Mountains on a Duke of Edinburgh award expedition. At the back, Karl Cloutman, Jerry Butling, Jonny Morris. At front, Ben Almond.