Saul at Rendcomb College – History

The statue of King Saul by William Wetmore Story resided in 'Saul's Hall' at Rendcomb College from 1865 until 2018.
The history was presented in a 13 page illustrated pamphlet researched by Michael H. C. Martin. This was revised in June 2019 to create a
searchable document, following the relocation of the five ton statue to the North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh USA in late 2018.
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Click the image to view pamphlet PDF Saul at Rendcomb College

With acknowledgement to Michael H C Martin (OR 1926-33) for the original work in compiling this record.
References and other acknowledgements are contained within this updated digital version of the document.

The statue of Saul has been ‘decorated’ on many occasions over the years.
Here are a few photographs of some of the creative works. (Click to enlarge).

Article about the restoration work being done at North Carolina Museum of Art in the
OR Society 2019 Newsletter p60-63 Link to Newsletters
Saul is on display to the public at NCMA following restoration in a new Hall
Link to NCMA article (Page 13) on the restoration.
Link to NCMA The Coming of the King History of W Wetmore Story and Saul statue (Dec 2018).
Link to NCMA restoration and locating Saul in new ‘Hall’ at NCMA in Nov 2019. (Only on FaceBook)

Link to NCMA Video of Saul runs 20 minutes in HQ (March 2020). Saul restoration, cleaning and repair.

Original photographs at Rendcomb College courtesy of Amanda Brealy.
NCMA restoration work photographs and video 2018, 2019, 2020 are
© North Carolina Museum of Art. Photograph by Karen Malinofski courtesy of NCMA.