Reunion Pictures

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OR Reunion – 3rd July 2016 Charlie Hussey and Tessa Hicks coordinated the 40 Year Reunion for the leavers of 1976.

Front row left to right: Des Knox (Seated), Richard Hudson, Robert Stroud, Nick Longworth, Owen Davies, Al Bennett, Tim Nicholas, Robbie Barrett, Martin Griffiths, Nige Bradbury.
Second row: Rob Weston, Pete Sayers, Tim Ingles, Martyn Pitt, Tim Longworth, Phil Gready, Tessa Hicks (née Wolferstan), Jacqui Sayers (née Crowhurst), Clare Gardner-Medwin, Charlie Hussey.
Third row: Stu Honeyball, Ian Read, Pete Walton, Chris Pulford.
Back row: Andy Medhurst, Rob Sherratt, Simon Wormleighton, Alisdair Wilson, Hamish Wilson, Paul Curtis-Hayward, Kari Barnard-Weston, Sarah Oughton, Phil Everatt, Lucy Brain.
A total of 34 in the group photograph - a record!

OR Reunion – 28th June 2015
40 YEARS ON from 1975
Back Row from left: Nick Hance (1966-73), Dave Williams (1966-71) , Nigel Powell (1967-74), Jonathan Lane (1967-74), Mike James (1968-75), Stuart Honeyball (1968-75), Simon Wormleighton (1968-75), Nigel Bradbury (1969-75), Ian Taylor (1968-75), Pete Lace (1970-75), Phil Smith (1968-74), Sally Patterson (née Blyth) (1973-75), Jacqui Sayers (née Crowhurst) (1974-76).
Middle Row: Bella Burke (née Bartlett) (1973-75) and Henrietta Bud (née Hooper) (1973-75).
Front: Dave Shield (1966-73), Martyn Pitt (1969-72), Hamish Wilson (1971-78), Norm Crowe (1970-75), Des Knox (1970-75), Tessa Hicks (née Wolferstan) (1974-76), Charlie Hussey (1974-76).

OR Reunion – 29th June 2014

Roland Martin (1982-89) arranged a get together for all those who left in 1988, 89 and 90.

Toby Brealy (1977-84) arranged a reunion for 1984 leavers.
James Hutton-Potts,(1977-84), Angus Waddell (1977-84), Andy Payne (1979-84), Richard Newman (1977-84)
and Toby Brealy (1977-1984) with David Essenhigh (Staff: 1969-2011) in the background.

Reunion 2013 June 30th. Thirty years on. Thanks to the combined efforts of Russ Copley
and Charles Hutton-Potts, twenty of 1983 leavers returned for the Summer Reunion 2013.

Back Row: Eric Blencowe, Steve Hazell, Giles Brealy, Ted Wilcox, Calum Dewar
Third Row: Charles Hutton-Potts, Sîan Smith (née Alexander), Benj Freeman, Richard Deacon.
Second Row: Lisa Brock (née Lake) Kennedy Taylor, Russell Copley, Simon Powell, Richard Smith.
Front Row: Matt Archer, Nikki Tinto, Mandy De Hennin (née Winter), Tamsin Wallace (née Morgan).
Present but not in photo: Simon Beales, Nikki Scott (née Morgan)

Reunion 1 July 2012
Table with Colin Burden and guests.

Left to right: Chris Wood, Ian Niel, David Toresen, Andrew Stafford, Andrew Thompson, Julian Gray, David Williams, Eddie Parsons

July 3rd 2011 witnessed what must have been a record turnout on the annual reunion day. Charlie Hussey and Rob Barrett assembled many of their contemporaries from around 1976, and Chris Wood and Jon Hiscox coordinated groups from 1971 and 1967.
Left to right: Henrietta Hooper, Jeremy Stupple, Des Knox, Bruce Pritchett, Bella Bartlett, Stu Honeyball, Sarah Robinson, Nick Longworth, Simon Wormleighton, Charlie Hussey, Andy Medhurst, Taryn Nixon, Sara Freeman, Phil Smith, Rob Barrett, Toby Roberts, Ian Read, Tim Nicholas, Pete Walton, Martin Griffiths, Alan Bennett, Rob Weston, Tessa Hicks, Nigel Bradbury, Mike Denley

Following on (again) from last year, another 30th Anniversary reunion took place on the 28th June 2009. Pictured above are, left to right, Simon Howell, Shaun Brennan, David Beanland, David Marshall, Nigel Hall, Keith Winmill, Mark Middlemist, Mark Webb, Mike Cannon, Roy Edwards and Chris Morshead.

Following on from last year, another 30th Anniversary reunion took place on the 29th June 2008. Pictured above are, left to right, Gerald Hedderwick, Charlotte Bonardi, John Sinclair, Ian Pengelly, Patrick O'Donohoe, Tony Flambard, Andy Mackonochie, Debbie Harrison, Simon Buist, Tim Parfit, Steve Hewitt, Shane Galtress, Colin Hitchcock, Sarah Robins (Morris), Richard Jones (Caney), Peter Haynes, Stuart Smith, Graham Moore, Graeme Connelly, Penny Jones, Hamish Wilson, Bridget Cross, Nigel Taylor, Jonathan McGill, David Pitt. At front: Treve Evans, Sheila Lee (Greenfield), Harriet Porter and Chris Troughton.

Chris Pulford (1970-77) organised a very successful 30th anniversary reunion of his contemporaries on the 1st July 2007. Pictured above are, left to right, David Pitt, Jane Gunner, Chris Pulford, Sarah Robinson, James Terry, Sara Freeman, Paul Maguire, Paul Curtis-Hayward, Nick Smith, Simon Tyler, Philip Lyons, Tim Lausch, Ian Underdown, Jeremy Read, Wendy Hewitt, Chris Hart, Sarah Robins (née Morris), Diane Martin (née Crewe), (guest - Michelle Ashmore), Taryn Nixon, Anthony Ashmore.

Des Knox (1970-75) organised a reunion of his contemporaries on 2nd July 2005. Pictured here are, left to right, Des Knox, Rob Weston, Isobel Burke (née Bartlett), Suzanne Marston, Pete Lace, Jon Dixon, Simon Wormleighton, Neil Lumby and Stuart Honeyball

Keith Winmill and David Marshall (1972-79) organised a reunion of their contemporaries on July 4th 2004. Pictured left are (left to right) David Marshall, Keith Winmill, Bill White, Mark Middlemist, Nigel Hall, Colin Burden, Simon Elliott and Chris Morshead.

Left to right, Bill White, Nigel Hall, John Steed, Simon Elliott, David Marshall, Keith Winmill, Mark Middlemist, Chris Morshead