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Budding Jimmy Whites outside the dispensary.. (John Sinclair, Graham Moore, Tim Parfit & Jeremy Ferguson)

Time for bed, said Zebedee! (Andrew Mackonochie, Ian Pengelly, Will Gotley, Graham Smith & Gerry Hedderwick.

A typical common-room scene... c. 1975 (Stephen Hawkins, Ian Hawkins & Robin Swaine).

Sheila Greenfield & Danielle Shrimpton sitting on the balustrades.

A sunny day outside Park House in the seventies... (Des Knox, Norman Crowe, Mike James, Phil Lamphee, Peter Lace, Andy Medhurst, Richard Evans, Nigel Bradbury, Steve Bolt) 1975

(thanks to Jon Dixon for these two pictures) 1975

The 1977/8 bar staff (Kerry Crowhurst, Joe Watson, Alison White, Nick Carroll & Debbie Harrison)

And some happy customers.... presumably not drinking the Whitbread Tankard!
(Nigel Taylor, Elizabeth Adams, Tim Parfit, Kitty Roberts, Hamish Wilson)

Sixth Form dance, December 1989 Jonathan Tompsett, Ben Maslen, Joe Nicholls, Richard Milner

Sixth form dance, December 1989 John & Charlotte Holdaway, Justine Platt.

6th form dance, December 1989 Justine Platt, Lucy Brummitt, Lydia Fellows, Fiona Reichwald

Rev. Peter Sudbury, Ben Gallagher, Alex Laine, Chris Daniels at the 6th form dance, December 1989

Russell Ogden, Julian Norbury, Guy Cowie, Jason Carter, 1989

One of Bill White's bridge sessions - Kevin Holmes, Henry Le Fleming, Carl Reens, Alexander Bell.

The Usual Suspects (1)? Steve Pendell, Ian Taylor, Jon Dixon & Andrew Medhurst.

The Usual Suspects (2)? Henrietta Hooper, Charlotte Brain & Jackie Wilson 1975

Out for a stroll? Jon Fletcher, Bruce Pritchett, Tim Clark (non-OR), Lilli Schnitzer, Ian Taylor, Sarah Oughton & Mike Denley.

Boo! Rosie Beckett & Lilli Schnitzer.

Maybe tree hugging was on the curriculum in the seventies... Jon Fletcher, Nigel Bradbury & Simon Wormleighton 1975.

Ground Force I - Steve Pendell, Isobel Bartlett & Denis Price replenishing the stock.

Ground Force 2 - Clive Mathias, Mary Price & Norman Crowe 1975

Ron Kelsey & Charlie Greaves clearing up after a fire in the chemistry laboratory store, 1974

June 1990 - the 6th Form Common Room seems to have gained a TV set!
l to r: Katie Floyd, Guy Waller, Tom Nicholls, Liz Syed, Matthew Rogers, Rob Tate, Kojo Annan

'A' level art group trip to Amsterdam, 1990 Amanda Vaux, Fiona Reichwald, Charlie Payne, Dan White, Nicola Kemp

Dorm 3 L-R: John Gooch, Mike v d Driessche, David Griffiths, Robert Bolton-King (on top),
Roger Stebbing, Peter Airey (1959 or 60)

Three lads L-R: Ferguson, Nick Price, Hill
(Edward Taylor comments: I think Ferguson's first name was Frank, but I am not certain. Hill, however, was A N Hill (Tony) whose family were involved with Moreton C Cullimore's firm.)

Desmond Painter has sent in the photo above of his scholarship history class taken in the summer term of 1952, which shows (l to r) Peter de Iongh, himself, John James, Nick Walter and Michael Petter. Thanks to Julian Comrie for help in identifying the latter.

Sarah Freeman, Vicky Joel & Tim Wormleighton, 1977.

Richard Caney & Jeremy Ferguson, 1976