Photos Ellis collection

John R. Ellis’ Photo Collection from the early fifties, selected.

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Cricket summer 1953

Hockey 1954
F row: Hugh Gough, David Semple, Brian Glastonbury
B row: Roger Horne, Julian Astill, Michael Richards, David Godfrey, John Ellis

Cricket summer 1954

Hockey 1954
Cheltenham College

Founders’ Day 55 or 56

Founders’ Day 1952 or 53?

Founders’ Day Display 55 or 56

Founders’ Day Display 1952 or 53

Asphalt Race

Founders’ Day Audience 1953?

Ents Committee early 50’s

Post table 50’s

The Mock Doctor Outdoor Play 1953

HM Lee-Browne & Mock Doctor Play 1953

The Old Dining Room 1950’s

The Lake & boat early 50’s

Selected Photographs courtesy of John R. Ellis (OR 1948-57). Photo scans and colourizing by Des Knox