Tour of Rendcomb College

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College Side Entrance

A ghost of the bicycle shed still seems to be visible! A new entrance has also been made through the old prefects' common room window, with stairs inside to the floor above.

Park House

Park House - observant types may spot that the draughty louvre windows have gone, as have the swimming pool's solar heating panels. An extension was also added to the left in 1980. There are also additional hard tennis courts in the park to the left.

Park House

The path leading to the right, possibly following a route well trodden by earlier generations of sixth-form smokers(!), leads to some tennis courts.

The Thinker

A sculpture by Nick Hance (1966-73), having been in several locations, now seems to be resident in front of Park House. The trousers are fashionable again.

Cricket Nets by Dulverton Hall

The terraces and lawns around the college are still immaculate. The cricket nets seem to be flimsier than they were.

The Assembly Hall

As these two pictures show, the old Assembly Hall has been transformed by redecoration and the removal of the stage, revealing the door into the dining room beyond.

Assembly Hall

The table possibly appears to be a refugee from the dining room next door?

Main Stairs

The main staircase area and clock hall below have also benefited from tasteful redecoration.