Tour of Rendcomb College

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Clock Hall

Laundry Lift

The old laundry lift is obviously still in place, but presumably not in regular use as it was in the seventies.

Dining Hall

As these two pictures show, the dining facilities have been modernised somewhat. No sign of the false ceiling any more.

The Servery

Dulverton Hall / Old Orangery

More transformations.... the old orangery has relinquished it's role as the gymnasium to become the Dulverton Hall.

Stage Equipment

Facilities for the stage management crew seem to have been hugely improved from the old 'borrow and build it yourself' days...

School Bell

Summoned by Bells perhaps... many will remember ringing this one...

Rec Room

The scene of various flying projectiles, Kaye J. Knapp's maths room has joined the general classroom next door to become a recreational facility. The old French room next door contains the snooker table, relocated from Saul's Hall. These rooms have now been reconverted back into separate classrooms as a part of the Junior School.