Tour of Rendcomb College

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Sadly, modern Rendcombians do not experience the pleasures of traditional woodworking any more. The metalworking area has been cleared of machinery and forge to give way to desks and computers, and the main workshop offers some light duty workbenches.

Arts Block Foyer

Arts Block Foyer which used to house the Bronze leaf statue.

Art Room

Pottery Studio

The old pottery studio - pottery was moved into the nearby sculpture room in the 70's, but now also appears to have been banished altogether.

Bronze Leaf

The bronze leaf sculpture ex-Arts Block foyer

Rendcomb Valley

The view across the valley remains pretty much the same...


Disused stables and the Cirencester drive. Since this photo was taken, the stables have been converted into a recreational facility.

The Stable Block

The Stable Block now has a sleeping policeman and standard warning signs.