Tour of Rendcomb College

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First Floor Landing

The first floor landing, now denuded of the dispensary 'hut' and junior snooker table which is visible here.


Opposite the top of the stairs, a display cabinet contains a display of memorabilia. More room changes - the housemaster's sitting room has become an office, and the dormitories to the left are classrooms.

Fifth Form Studies

The old fifth-form studies and classrooms below are now a part of the junior school.

Saul’s Hall

Saul's Hall - now devoid of snooker table has allowed Saul to face the door. A reception desk has been added in the corner out of picture.

Saul has been relocated to the left of the front entrance vestibule by the Honours board. A reception area is now where the statue used to reside.

Locker Passage

Locker Passage - now a misnomer, it seems.

Wilderness – Outdoor stage

Venturing into the Wilderness... the outdoor stage appears well kept.


A fine afternoon to be 'up top'.

Cricket Match

O.R. cricket match in progress, July 2001.