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Thanks to Martin Griffiths (1970-76) who submitted this collection from around 1975/6 Link to Collection
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Thanks to James Terry (1972-77) who submitted this collection Link to Collection
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Thanks to Angus Robertson (1965-72) for these photographs from
his collection, showing some of the building works during the late sixties and early seventies. Link to Collection
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Thanks to Chris Handoll (1950-58) for these Christmas Party table plans. Link to Collection

Thanks to The Western Daily Press for this article from 1999 concerning the Dining room suspended ceiling. Link to Article
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Thanks to Mark Evans , son of John Evans (OR 19 September 1924 to 1929) who has created
a web site hosting audio recordings made by his father, Trevor John Augustus Evans (b. 1913 d. 2003), describing his memories in vivid detail.

This includes an interesting section describing his time as a pupil at Rendcomb during the 1920's. Link to Website (Opens in a new window).

The Memoir 3 audio recording runs for approximately 1 hour and can be played using the free VLC media player. (Opens in a new window).
Sections are listed as:
* Rendcomb College, board, description, stables, village, church, school
* Working day times * School houses * Duties * Times off * Diet restrictions * Pocket money and finances
* Table servers * Financial responsibilities * Athletics and punishments * Food and shortages
* Music - Mr Shimain * Woodworking shop * The wilderness, box bushes, tools in workshop
* Wild life in the park, rabbits etc, mushrooms, drying room * Snow activity, river churn, toboggans
* Radio activities, crystal sets, old WW1 airfield, cable for antenna, caught out one evening - all confiscated!
* Valve amps! School 100Volts DC for high tension! Extension to next dorm
* All forgiven and given use of a room in the tower, music for tennis, antenna to fir tree
* Introduction to Mr Edwards and departure from Rendcomb